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ARCHITECT'S DRAWINGS prepared by ANTHONY SHORT & PARTNERS ARCHITECTS LLP in preparation for the renovation work to be carried out in 2016 and reproduced by permission. These images are copyright (c) 2015 Anthony Short & Partners Architects LLP.
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Why the Cemetery needs Friends ...
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Layers of poorly applied paint, falling away from damp                    The November 2011 Open Day
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The marvellous Minton tiling in the West Chapel                              Inside the West Chapel                         Leaking downpipes, blocked gutters
On 9th May, some members were allowed access to the normally closed East Chapel and saw its dreadful condition.
copyright (c) Grant Shaw 2012
A panorama 360-degree shot of the East Chapel, formerly used as a machine store.
A block built (and now empty) poison store has been inserted at the south end and all the wooden internal fixtures have been removed. However, the tile floor is still largely in tact if stained with oil. The eastern gable end has sagged by a few inches at the ridge, leaning outwards. 
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 Have you spotted this fellow?               Some of the cast iron detailing on the cemetery gates
July 2012 : The damp marches on; a significant deterioration in the West Chapel since we first inspected it in November.
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                                                                    John Chapman shows part of his ongoing project to
                                                                    record all the cemetery's war graves
February 2013  Things have become very much worse over the winter, with the broken drainpipes leaking more water into the walls. Although we have removed all the loose paintwork and taken up the plastic floor tiles which were holding water, the plasterwork in the chapels now requires complete replacement. This cannot be done until the leaking downpipes have been replaced, which we understand the Council have programmed for the year 2013/14.
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Damage to the heating grilles (formerly covered by water retaining floor tiles) and the damp damaged walls seen at the clean-up day, February 2013.
September 2013 We're keeping a close eye on this crack in the Minton tiled floor. We think it might be spreading.
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               February 2014  One of the new CWGC signs which have appeared in readiness for the centenary of the First World War
Other images
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This photograph of Rev. Arthur Copley JP (1862-1938) and his wife celebrating their Golden Wedding Anniversary has been kindly donated to the Friends by IDLHS member Ann Cook.
For more information on Rev Copley, who was Minister at Ilkeston's Queen Street Baptist Church for many years in the early 20th century, see 'Interesting Residents'.
copyright (c) David Hudson 2012
(left) This postcard, believed to be from about 1910, shows the Cemetery looking very different before the young trees in the far distance reached maturity.
The new houses in the distance were completed in 1908 and the obelisk monument is to John Moss, fourth Mayor of Ilkeston, who died in 1894. There is a wire fence around the then current burial ground in the middle distance.
(Image kindly donated by David and Christine Hudson)
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As near as we can get to the same view today, showing many more monuments, trees and bushes. It is interesting to note that the holly bushes may be more than a hundred years old, as they appear on both photographs.
You can also see that the Moss obelisk, nearly 120 years old, is starting to lean out towards the path.
If you have an interesting photograph of the cemetery or can add to the list of interesting residents from the cemetery's first fifty years or so, we'd be pleased to hear from you.
All images are copyright and may not be reproduced or copied in any form without written permission. To do so without permission is an unlawful act which may result in legal action.
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